Monday Inspiration: Home Decor

I could spend hours browsing Pinterest looking at dreamy homes… Here are some of my favorites I’ve come across.

Home Decor InspirationHome Decor



Monday Inspiration: Festive Wishlist Edition

Remember how I said in my last post I was back after not having posted for a month? Yeah, I lied. Sorry about that. I could sit here and list every reason why the blog hasn’t been a priority in these past months but instead I’m just gonna get straight to it – starting today, mondays will be a place of wonderful inspiration here on COB.

Mondays are always extra gray, boring and hard to get through (friday is so far away!). That’s why I’ve decided that on this blog, monday shall be known as the day of being inspired. Each week I’ll focus on a different theme and share my favorite pictures from Pinterest or Tumblr. This weeks theme: christmas wishlist inspiration! It is December after all. These are the some of the things I wish to be underneath the christmas tree this year.