Norways Snowy Mountains

Today I wanted to take a break from the beauty posts and share some pictures I snapped whilst driving through Norways snowy mountains and also some from a place called Valdres. Norway is so gorgeous, especially when covered in beautiful white snow!

NorwayFilefjell, NorwayNorwayFilefjell, NorwayThe pictures above were taken on our way to/from Bergen. 167Blilie, Valdres, NorwayBlilie, Valdres, NorwayBlilie, Valdres, NorwayBlilie, Valdres, NorwayBlilie, Valdres, NorwayBlilie, Valdres, Norway084This might’ve been one of the most breathtaking views I ever seen. On one side of the sky the sun was setting and creating the most beautiful light, on the opposite side of the sky the moon was as big as I’ve ever seen it, absolutely stunning. No picture could ever do it justice, but here’s my best try (wish I’d had the time to find exactly the right settings and position!).


My Beauty Resolutions For 2015

My 2015 New Years ResolutionsI never make resolutions.  For the simple reason  that I am not the kind of person that follows through. But this year for the first year ever, I have made goals for 2015. Not just any goals though, they’re all beauty related. I mean, this is a beauty blog, no?

Moisturize more! I am very lazy when it comes to moisturizing my body. This is something I want to get better at.

Get better at applying masks and treatments! I have all these gorgeous masks, exfoliators and treatments and I need to get better at using them.

Change it up! I tend to get stuck in a routine with my makeup. Using the same products day in and day out. I want to get better at switching it up and using products i rarely use.

Practice! This is similar to the one above in that because I do the same things every day, I don’t often get to practice the things I’m not that great at. Example: bronzing/countouring, different eyeshadow techniques and eyeliner.

 Yoga! Well this kind of speaks for itself, I just really want to start doing yoga this year!

Here’s to an incredible 2015, may it be filled with joy, adventures and everything nice. Happy New Year!

The Rain In Spain

Hello! I figured a little update from Spain was in order. I’m having a great time here in Ribadeo. The surrounding nature is gorgeous and my favorite thing to do here is to drive along the coast and stop at some random beach, which we tend to get all to ourselves, and just take it all in. We usually bring some food and drinks with us, as well as our cameras of course, and just chill at the beach for hours.

Here’s a little photo diary from my time here so far:IMG_2323IMG_2332At a very popular tourist attraction here in Ribadeo, the beach called Playa de Las Catedrales. Gorgeous, but crowded.Untitled image[1] image[2] image[3]Spain has definitely brought out the photographer in me. Being surrounded by so much beauty has really inspired me to get back into my former hobby.image[4]Another day, another beach!image[2]image[5]A few polaroids from Playa de Los Castros. Can’t wait to get home and scan these babies!IMG_2112Not so early morning fog.IMG_2219Faro de Isla Pancha. I’ve fallen in love with little island. It’s one of my favorite places in Ribadeo for sure._MG_2377On rainy days I only have two things on my to do list: watching Audrey Hepburn movies (anyone get the My Fair Lady reference in the title?) and catching up on all videos, TV shows and blogposts I’ve missed out on. Makes for a perfect relaxing day!

In that last picture, you get a sneak peek of an upcoming haul. On my second day here we decided to drive an hour away to a city called Oviedo. And, well, I went a little crazy in the shops so a beauty and fashion haul will be coming your way soon!