The Good And The Bad: Drugstore Foundations

A little about my skin first: normal to dry, with a slightly oily T-zone. Keep in mind that though these foundations don’t work/do work on me, you may experience a different result, depending on what you look for in a foundation and your skintype.

The bad:
Bourjois Healthy Mix is way too orange.

Revlon ColorStay For Normal/Dry Skin does nothing, settles into my pores and is too matte for my taste.

The good:
Rimmel Wake Me Up is my favorite summer foundation. It’s light to medium coverage, gives you fresh glow and is just all round amazing. I’ve written about it before here so check out that post to read why it’s in my top 3 foundations!

L’oreal True Match 

Drugstore Foundations Drugstore Foundations


Spruce Up Your Lips For Spring

It’s time to rid ourselves of the dry and chapped lips that winter often leaves us with and put away the dark purple lipsticks to make room for fresh colors for spring! To start of spring the right way, make this easy and quick lip scrub that’s made up of things you already have at hand:_MG_3679Ingredients:
1 tsp. honey
2 tsp. sugar
1/2 tsp. olive oil

Mix all your ingredients together in a small bowl. Apply the finished product and massage it in to your lips for 20-30 seconds and then remove with water or a tissue. The best part? You can use it on pretty much any part of your body (though I wouldn’t recommend using it on your face as the sugar is probably too harsh)! The sugar granules will exfoliate while the oil and the honey heal and moisturize. You can use it all on your lips and body or store whatever remains in a container.

Now that our lips are looking luscious again it’s time to update the lip products in our makeup bag. Here are my favorites for spring time:_MG_3672L-R: Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter in “Peach Parfait” – Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss in #20 – Maybelline Baby Lips in “Peach Kiss” – Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in “Pink Pong” – NYX Butter Gloss in “Crème Brulee” and “Peaches & Cream”

Norways Snowy Mountains

Today I wanted to take a break from the beauty posts and share some pictures I snapped whilst driving through Norways snowy mountains and also some from a place called Valdres. Norway is so gorgeous, especially when covered in beautiful white snow!

NorwayFilefjell, NorwayNorwayFilefjell, NorwayThe pictures above were taken on our way to/from Bergen. 167Blilie, Valdres, NorwayBlilie, Valdres, NorwayBlilie, Valdres, NorwayBlilie, Valdres, NorwayBlilie, Valdres, NorwayBlilie, Valdres, Norway084This might’ve been one of the most breathtaking views I ever seen. On one side of the sky the sun was setting and creating the most beautiful light, on the opposite side of the sky the moon was as big as I’ve ever seen it, absolutely stunning. No picture could ever do it justice, but here’s my best try (wish I’d had the time to find exactly the right settings and position!).

The Creme That Saves My Skin Every Winter

Winter in Norway is harsh. Especially for your skin (and mental health – winter depression is a real thing, folks). But when you fight it off with the right products, the dry winter air doesn’t stand a chance.A-CremeI can’t tell you how many times this creme has saved the day by preventing redness and dry skin. I don’t struggle as much with redness as I used to (thank God and knock on wood!) but this is still a staple in my winter skincare regime. Not only is it super moisturizing but it also seems to have healing properties in it. I use this on any area of my body that needs some TLC. It can be used on anything from dry skin to sunburns and rashes. It’s such a do-it-all creme and it’s probably the only thing in my skincare routine that can never be replaced. This is is a swedish product that can be found in Scandinavia. So if you’re ever visiting Sweden, Norway or Denmark, pick up a few of these and thank me later.

Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel Review

When I last ran out of my Emma Hardie cleanser I had the crazy thought to try out a new cleanser. I had heard good things about the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel and it was quite a lot cheaper than the Emma Hardie one so I clicked it home. Now that I’ve been using it for about a month I feel it’s time to give it a quick and to-the-point review (I don’t know about you but I tend to feel very discouraged when I see a blog post about the length of a book, so I like to keep it short and sweet). The very important question here is will it be good enough to replace my beloved Emma Hardie cleanser? Keep reading to find out.Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel ReviewWhat is it and what does it do? This is a gel-to-oil cleanser that claims to remove makeup and impurities while illuminating and nourishing the skin.
Who is it suitable for? Fit for any skintype. Helps with dull skin, pigmentation, acne scars and blemished skin.
Does it work? Yes! Although, I would recommend using a makeup remover prior to make sure you get it all off. When it comes to its ability to remove makeup it sadly doesn’t compare to Emma Hardie’s balm cleanser, which sucks for lazy girls like myself. But it does leave my skin feeling quite soft and nourished.


  • The packaging looks nice with a minimal design. It feels sturdy and the quality is good. I like that it has a pump as well.
  • It does in fact nourish the skin and leaves it feeling fresh, soft and nicely cleansed.
  • The price. This gives you a lot of bang for your buck.
  • It works. So… that’s cool. And sort of the most important thing.


  • The scent. I can imagine most people will like this smell. I don’t. Don’t ask why, I don’t know.
  • Doesn’t remove every trace of makeup.

Would I repurchase? Probably. I much prefer the cleansing balm from Emma Hardie though (how many times can I mention Emma Hardie’s cleansing balm in a post about a different cleanser? It’s just that good, sorry).

If you think that this cleanser could be a good fit for you and you’d like to get your hands on it, it’s available at websites like Oskia, Space NK, Cult Beauty and Beauty Bay for around £24-£28.

My Beauty Resolutions For 2015

My 2015 New Years ResolutionsI never make resolutions.  For the simple reason  that I am not the kind of person that follows through. But this year for the first year ever, I have made goals for 2015. Not just any goals though, they’re all beauty related. I mean, this is a beauty blog, no?

Moisturize more! I am very lazy when it comes to moisturizing my body. This is something I want to get better at.

Get better at applying masks and treatments! I have all these gorgeous masks, exfoliators and treatments and I need to get better at using them.

Change it up! I tend to get stuck in a routine with my makeup. Using the same products day in and day out. I want to get better at switching it up and using products i rarely use.

Practice! This is similar to the one above in that because I do the same things every day, I don’t often get to practice the things I’m not that great at. Example: bronzing/countouring, different eyeshadow techniques and eyeliner.

 Yoga! Well this kind of speaks for itself, I just really want to start doing yoga this year!

Here’s to an incredible 2015, may it be filled with joy, adventures and everything nice. Happy New Year!

Eyebrow Game Forever Strong

Over the last two years I’ve gone through more pencils of Anastasia Brow Wiz than I care to remember (mainly due to the stiff price * gulps *). It’s a pretty safe bet that it is my favorite brow product. But I find that after having used one product for a few months, my eyebrows crave a change. You might think that sounds weird, and it does, but after a while my brows stop looking good as if to tell me it’s time to switch it up. Naturally, I listen. Your wish is my command, brows.

This is why I alternate between my beloved Brow Wiz and good ‘ole powder. My favorite powder to use on my eyebrows  comes in the form of an eyeshadow (or two). The Too Faced Natural Eye Palette contains one light brown, almost beige matte and one dark brown matte. I like to mix them together to create the perfect color for my brows. This palette is an all time favorite of mine and every time I bring it back out to play I’m reminded of how amazing it is.anastasia brow wiz and too faced natural eye paletteToo Faced recently relaunched a new and improved version of this palette, with better packaging and a few new colors. Right now I am trying to contain myself and use up mine before buying the new version. It’s hard (#FirstWorldProblems)