The Creme That Saves My Skin Every Winter

Winter in Norway is harsh. Especially for your skin (and mental health – winter depression is a real thing, folks). But when you fight it off with the right products, the dry winter air doesn’t stand a chance.A-CremeI can’t tell you how many times this creme has saved the day by preventing redness and dry skin. I don’t struggle as much with redness as I used to (thank God and knock on wood!) but this is still a staple in my winter skincare regime. Not only is it super moisturizing but it also seems to have healing properties in it. I use this on any area of my body that needs some TLC. It can be used on anything from dry skin to sunburns and rashes. It’s such a do-it-all creme and it’s probably the only thing in my skincare routine that can never be replaced. This is is a swedish product that can be found in Scandinavia. So if you’re ever visiting Sweden, Norway or Denmark, pick up a few of these and thank me later.


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