My Beauty Resolutions For 2015

My 2015 New Years ResolutionsI never make resolutions.  For the simple reason  that I am not the kind of person that follows through. But this year for the first year ever, I have made goals for 2015. Not just any goals though, they’re all beauty related. I mean, this is a beauty blog, no?

Moisturize more! I am very lazy when it comes to moisturizing my body. This is something I want to get better at.

Get better at applying masks and treatments! I have all these gorgeous masks, exfoliators and treatments and I need to get better at using them.

Change it up! I tend to get stuck in a routine with my makeup. Using the same products day in and day out. I want to get better at switching it up and using products i rarely use.

Practice! This is similar to the one above in that because I do the same things every day, I don’t often get to practice the things I’m not that great at. Example: bronzing/countouring, different eyeshadow techniques and eyeliner.

 Yoga! Well this kind of speaks for itself, I just really want to start doing yoga this year!

Here’s to an incredible 2015, may it be filled with joy, adventures and everything nice. Happy New Year!


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