Eyebrow Game Forever Strong

Over the last two years I’ve gone through more pencils of Anastasia Brow Wiz than I care to remember (mainly due to the stiff price * gulps *). It’s a pretty safe bet that it is my favorite brow product. But I find that after having used one product for a few months, my eyebrows crave a change. You might think that sounds weird, and it does, but after a while my brows stop looking good as if to tell me it’s time to switch it up. Naturally, I listen. Your wish is my command, brows.

This is why I alternate between my beloved Brow Wiz and good ‘ole powder. My favorite powder to use on my eyebrows  comes in the form of an eyeshadow (or two). The Too Faced Natural Eye Palette contains one light brown, almost beige matte and one dark brown matte. I like to mix them together to create the perfect color for my brows. This palette is an all time favorite of mine and every time I bring it back out to play I’m reminded of how amazing it is.anastasia brow wiz and too faced natural eye paletteToo Faced recently relaunched a new and improved version of this palette, with better packaging and a few new colors. Right now I am trying to contain myself and use up mine before buying the new version. It’s hard (#FirstWorldProblems)


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