What’s In My Bag: Hand Luggage Edition

The second travel related post is here. It’s time to show you what’s in my bag when I travel. The bag I’m currently using is the Zara City Bag, if I recall the name correctly. It’s slightly different from the original one though.image (2)imageLet’s see what hides inside.


Left to right: passport, wallet to keep travel info and boarding pass: Glitter, glasses: Dolce & Gabbana, bus card, wallet: Mulberry Tree Zip Around Purse, lipstick: YSL Volupté Sheer Candy, iPhone, ear plugs: Moldex, ear pods: Apple, moisturizer: Weleda Skin Food, lip balm: Smith’s Rosebud Strawberry Lip Balm, hair ties, lapis lazuli stone, book: The Kill Order by James Dashner, laptop case: Marc by Marc Jacobs

IMG_1985My MacBook is safely tucked away in this incredible laptop case by Marc by Marc Jacobs. The color of this is what made me realize that coral has replaced blue as my favorite color. I could look at this for hours, and sometimes, I do. When in the air I find that it’s the perfect time to read whatever book I’m currently obsessed with, but to do that I need ear plugs to keep all the noise out. These Moldex ones are the best I’ve tried thus far. Without my glasses, I’d never be able to tell which gate I’m supposed to be at, so they are a must. I’m bringing my lapis lazuli stone to keep in my pocket to hopefully calm my nerves whilst flying alone for the first time. I bought it about a week ago and I’m eager to see if this alternative stuff actually works. My mom is a huge believer in alternative therapy, healing and all that.

What are you essentials when you’re flying? 


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