My Go-To Blush

Last spring Estée Lauder came out with a gorgeous collection called Pretty Naughty. Included in this collection, was the almighty blush that is Pure Color Illuminating Powder Gelée Blush in Tease. I first saw it in, I think, one of Tanya Burr’s youtube videos and immediately knew I had to get my hands on it. And so I searched high and low for it until I finally came across it in a Kicks store and my heart sung with joy. Although extortionately expensive (everything is double the price, if not triple, in Norway), and not so friendly to my student budget, I bought it without so much as an ounce of hesitation.


It’s the perfect pink shade, and it also acts as an illuminator.

Skjermbilde 2014-03-02 kl. 19.11.58

It has now become my everyday, go-to blush, which is not the best idea, considering it’s a limited edition blush and will not be coming back anytime soon. But I simply can’t help but grab this in the morning as I crave for its pink, gorgeous shimmer to bring life to my face. The day the last powdery bit of this beauty is gone is the day I sit myself down in front of the computer and write a long letter with reasons why Estée Lauder should make this a part of their permanent collection. A blush this beautiful should not a limited product. It’s downright cruel!


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